Give gifts this year that won't end up in the trash...ever.  

Everyone on your list will love our toques and scarves. High quality and durable they just don't wear out. Add our snowman kit  and a tin of hot chocolate and you have a snow day party.

Our Polartec 300 Series Fleece Blankets are 'oh so soft' and warm. Perfect for curling up with a book beside the fire of snuggling under on a cold winter night.

Harris Tweed Caps and Linen-Wool Fringed scarves are timeless pieces that recipients will look forward to getting out each time winter rolls around.

MADE IN CANADA - know who made the gifts you give


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There are two kinds of skin-damaging ultraviolet rays. Long wave UVA rays and medium wave UVB rays. Both are harmful and link to skin cancer and aging. UVB rays cause sunburns. UVA rays penetrate windows and are responsible for tanning and premature aging.

UPF refers to the Ultraviolet Protection Factor UPF which is a measurement of the amount of UVA and UVB rays that a fabric blocks. 

SPF refers to the Sun Protection Factor which is a measurement of the amount of UVB rays a sunscreen lotion will block.  The lower the number, the faster you’ll burn. Sunscreen should be reapplied regularly, at least every two hours.

Finding the perfect gift for a family member or friend can be a tall task. That is why The Orange Room thought to create the ultimate gift-giving guide for the hat lovers in your life! No matter the age or the season, we have got you (and your head) covered!
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Outdoor play is an important part of childhood. Children spend more time outdoors than adults and often 80% of their total lifetime exposure to the sun's broad spectrum radiation occurs before the age of 18. The negative effects of solar radiation are accumulated during ones entire lifetime so early exposure results in long term skin damage and a higher incidence of adult malignant melanomas.

There is no need to avoid outdoor activities if you have the right protection for their skin.  Start with a great hat that has a sun protection rating of UPF50+ Excellent Sun Protection.

Ahh that feeling when you know you’ve found the perfect gift and can’t wait to give it to your loved one.  It’s scientifically proven that engaging in acts of generosity makes us happier.
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If you are considering buying a reusable face mask, there are a few things you need to know so that your mask is effective and provides you with the protection you are after. The following tips will ensure you wear and use a reusable face mask properly:
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